Teddi Mansueto, full body potrait of a photorealistic beautiful woman, (spectating a baseball game:1.5), hands in pockets:1.25, staring at camera in front, intense coloration fantasy, light hair, a stunning realistic photograph 20 years , random colored hair, (St Louis Cardinals fan fashion:1.3), random color eyes, full body, cover, hyperdetailed painting, luminism, octane render, Bar lighting, complex, 8k resolution concept art portrait by Martina Fačková and Prywinko Art, Artgerm, WLOP, Alphonse Mucha, Tony Taka, fractal isometrics details bioluminescence, hypereallistic cover photo awesome full color, hand drawn, bright, gritty, realistic, davinci, erte .12k, intricate. hit definition , cinematic,Rough sketch, mix of bold dark lines and loose lines, bold lines, on paper , real life human